20 Apr 2016 - RM100 million investment planned for Aerospace Business in SAM Engineering and Equipment, a subsidiary of SAM GROUP



28 Aug 2015 - New Contract Award to SAM Engineering and Equipment, a subsidiary of SAM GROUP



25 June 2015 - Contract Extension to supply engine parts to SNECMA, SAFRAN GROUP



17 June 2015 - New Contract Award to Avitron Pte Ltd


10 June 2015 - Meerkat Precision received "Supplier Performance Award" from SNECMA, SAFRAN Group 




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SAM is a subsidiary of Accuron Technologies and headquartered in Singapore. With nearly 2,000 employees across Asia and Europe servicing the precision and equipment markets, we are equipped with the design and cutting edge manufacturing capabilities to service leading global companies.


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SAM’s operations are supported by manufacturing facilities located in Asia and Europe.


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Being a dynamic and forward-looking organization, we are always on the lookout for new members to join the SAM team.


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